This wedding was so fun! Everyone was curious how you have a Peter Pan wedding. Well Emily and Sam showed us all how it is done. Everything in this wedding was centered around the Peter Pan theme. The music, flowers, decor, clothing and even the six lost boys all helped set the mood. Emily and Sam are both very involved in theater and love Peter Pan and that was a big factor in choosing this theme. I hope these pictures help reflect the amazing details that were part of this wedding. I know everyone who attended would agree that the best part was watching the magic between Emily and Sam. It was so fun to see the love they have for each other!



The Brides Bouquet


IMG_9973The Groom’s Boutonniere


The Lost Boys Boutonnieres


IMG_9966The Large Floral Pieces


The Centerpieces

IMG_9978Guest Book

IMG_9960The Alter


I was asked to just do two arrangements for a second reception.  We ended up adding a small bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom.  It was fun to be a small part of this beautiful reception.






In January 2013 I had a fun opportunity to take some continuing education classes with the Texas State Florist Association.   I attended with one of my favorite flower friends and we learned a lot.  The classes were introductory hands-on floral design classes but it was good review of the basics.  My favorite was getting to ask the professionals lots of questions.  Here are some of the projects I made in class and some I made at home after class.  The classes were held at American Agro where I purchase all my flowers which was also fun.

Basic Design Styles & Techniques – Symmetrical Triangle

IMG_0759     IMG_0760     IMG_0786

Basic Design & Techniques – Asymmetrical Triangle


Basic Design & Techniques – Oblong Design

IMG_0762     IMG_0763

Basic Design & Techniques – Round Design


Wedding Design Techniques – Corsage and Boutonniere

IMG_0767     IMG_0768

Wedding Design Techniques – Cascading Bridal Bouquet


Funeral Design Techniques


New Lighting Techniques




This wedding was so much fun.  Finally my dream of a pink and brown wedding had come true.  The beautiful bride gave me a lot of creative direction which I did enjoy.  I worked with a lot of fabulous ladies and we had a great time creating a wedding not be forgotten!




Inspiration Photo


Sweet Pale Pink Akito and Quicksand Roses


Flowers Used: Sweet Akito Pale Pink Roses, Pink Stock, Pink Wax Flowers, Pink Tulips




This wedding actually fell on the same weekend as my Shabby Chic wedding in the previous post.  It was my first double wedding weekend.  I’m pretty sure I would not like to repeat it.  What do you do when two special ladies get married on the same weekend?   I chose to do them both and it all worked out.   Thanks to everyone who helped out!

IMG_0492 IMG_0496IMG_0494

IMG_0498 IMG_0502IMG_0497


Welcome to Flowers by Lisa.  I am excited to share my love of flowers with each of you.  I have created this blog to share my work and  I hope you enjoy it.  I would love to answer any questions you may have.


I was so excited to do the flowers for this wedding.  I know the bride very well and she is amazing.  I have always wanted to do a shabby chic wedding and I finally got the chance.  It was so fun to be part of such a beautiful wedding.


White O’hara rose, white hydrangea, wax flower and baby’s breath.


Temple2 8x12-65